Dan Stones | Welcome to Barnraisers

About This Episode

Welcome to Barnraisers, I'm so glad you made it!

So what is this show about? (Hint: It's not about big red wooden buildings!)

Barnraisers is all about conversations with the world’s ultimate team players. We're here to focus on teams and the people that give their all at home, work and play to help others grow and succeed. I like to say it’s a show about getting behind the spotlight and under the pedestal. That simply means we focus on all of the pieces that make up the team puzzle. We're interested in going deep and hearing the unique insights, stories, ideas and strategies from the very best of the best. From the front office to the back room - everyone who is part of the team has a unique and valuable story to tell - and we’re going to hear them all.

Let’s face it, for 99.9% of us, being on a team and trying to be the best team player possible, is what our lives are based on.

In this intro episode, you'll learn a bit more about why the show has been created, who should listen and even a little bit more about me, your host.

If you want to get in touch or discuss anything at all related to the show, then feel free to start a conversation in the show notes, or join us on social media (@barnraiserspod).