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“It all comes down to whether your team can gel. You’ve got all these egos, and personalities and there’s only one basketball. And that creates a problem for some people.”  

Annie La Fleur (Olympic Medallist, WNBA star and Basketball NSW Hall-of-Famer)

Welcome to Barnraisers Episode #1...So glad you could make it!

Thanks for dropping by and checking out this interview with someone who epitomises what Barnraisers is all about.

There can be no question that the title of "Ultimate Team Player" fits perfectly for Annie La Fleur - and I know that after listening to this podcast you’re going to reach the same conclusion.

For those of you that aren’t aware of Annie’s story, here is a little background.

Annie, along with her Opal’s teammates, were responsible for launching Australian womens basketball onto the international stage. As part of the Australian national team, Annie went to multiple world championships and was member of the silver medal winning team at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

It was an honour and a privilege to talk with Annie, and not just about her time with the Opals. Annie enjoyed amazing success throughout her distinguished career.

It is mind boggling to think about all of the various teams that were lucky enough to have Annie on their roster. She lived in the USA playing in the WNBA and also spent time playing in France and in Australia’s domestic league.

In this conversation you are going to hear all about Annie’s experiences, insights and thoughts on each of these teams. There’s a reason why some worked and why others didn’t. Not only does Annie share these reasons with us, but she also explains how she had to adjust and adapt to the various roles and players that she came across during her playing days.

I think it is an amazing story and the perfect way to start the Barnraisers podcast.

I hope you think so too. Enjoy the show!

Dan Stones


Since this episode was recorded, Annie has also been named an ambassador for the Basketball NSW "I am a Girl” campaign. Congratulations Annie!


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