Team Huddle | Why We Must Stop "Developing" Leaders

About This Episode

“We spend billions every year to develop the best leaders possible. Only one problem: It's not working”  

Dan Stones on Twitter (@barnraiserspod)


Episode 2 and we're already switching things up! 

For today's show it just you and I. It’s our very first team huddle!

And here’s how it works;

Every second week we will be releasing an episode that features a conversation with a special guest. Every other week is a Team Huddle. Sound simple enough?

Now you all know about the conversations with special guests, but what is the Team Huddle all about?

Well, it's a shorter episode, made up of 3 segments:

At the start the show with a quick Q&A SESSION. It’s a time for follow up and give you a chance to hear answers to listener questions about the show and the topics we have discussed in previous weeks.


This involves me expanding on a particular aspect of strategic team development. This week for instance, we're going to explore "leadership development". More specifically, we're going to take a look at how it's broken, what happened to it, and what we can do to turn things around.

How do I pick the Spotlight topic? Well I’m open to your suggestions. I want to make it as relevant and valuable as I can, so do get in touch and let me know what you want to talk about! 

Finally, team huddle finishes with NOTES FROM THE FIELD. I’m really excited about this section, because it represents your chance to participate directly in the show and share your stories with all the other Barnraisers out there. That’s right, I want this section to become a showcase for power of collaboration, a celebration of the skill of working together and I want to give everyone a chance to share with the world, just how great the people, teams and businesses you work with (and for) really are. Ultimate team players aren't limited to Olympic stadiums, Formula 1 tracks or blockbuster move lots. They can be found everywhere; and each story is just as compelling, instructional and inspirational as the next.

The more we hear them, the more we celebrate them, the more powerful our "team first" movement will become.

Sound good? I’m excited too!

Let's get on with the show.

Dan Stones



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