Adam Hembree | Actor, Producer and Co-founder of the Improv troupe Soothplayers

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“When you find a group of people that you learn to really trust and communicate with, you have confidence to lead when you have to, and you also have humility to listen and be led when you need to be."

Adam Hembree - Actor, Producer and Co-founder of the Improv Troupe SOOTHPLAYERS.

Adam Hembree has been collaborating with others onstage in some form or fashion since he was 13. Back then, his big break came when he tackled the venerable role of 'Orphan' in a smash hit high school production of Oliver.

Since 2008 though, Adam has been performing and studying Shakespeare.

While he’s on the clock, Adam is busy pursuing a Ph.D. in English and Theatre Studies at the University of Melbourne.

When he’s off the clock, he performs in Shakespeare's language with Soothplayers, the totally improvised Shakespeare troupe he cofounded with creative partner Ryan Patterson in 2015.

I came across Soothplayers and Adam when I attended another of the troupes productions at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The show was called Completely Improvised Potter. It was unbelievably entertaining as I watched the team put together an entire Harry Potter movie on the fly! All they had to begin with was a random title submitted by an audience member and plucked out of a Goblet of Fire.

As enjoyable as the night was, what really struck me was the way the team worked together. It was a masterclass that showcased skills that any cohesive team would love to possess. Listening, vulnerability, feedback, asking questions and honouring someone else's contribution…it was all on show and I was in heaven! 😃

After the show, I had to ask the cast about joining me for a conversation on Barnraisers. That's when they pointed me in the direction of Adam and I'm so glad they did....(I know you will be too!).

This is a great conversation about collaboration from a perspective that we don’t often get to hear. And Adam explains it all so very well. So get comfortable, have a pen and paper at the ready and enjoy listening to this weeks ultimate team player from the world of Improvisation - Mr Adam Hembree.

On with the show!

Dan Stones

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