Dan Stones

Dan Stones is the host of Barnraisers, a podcast created out of Dan’s passion for people, teams and culture.

When he’s not busy talking with the World's Ultimate Team Players, he's working hard to develop new ones! Dan is the Founder and Managing Director of Shifting Peers, the training and education company that partners with businesses all over the world to develop and promote "team-first" culture. 

Shifting Peers delivers live training events, in-house cultural development programs and also provides a recruitment advisory service committed to ensuring prospective employees fit the team-first culture of your organisation.

Currently, Dan resides in Melbourne Australia with his wife, Carly and two children. Dan also loves actively pursuing many different passions and pastimes, like writing about himself in the third person!

He is also working on his first book. Ask him about it! You can learn more about Dan and Shifting Peers at shiftingpeers.com.

On a Personal Note...

Is it just me or do Bios and About pages always seem a bit awkward? You basically have to blow your own trumpet, pump up how significant you are and come across as someone so important that people think you’re worth their time and attention. I’m a friendly and approachable guy. Don't hesitate to get in touch or say hi if you see me out and about. I’m cool. Promise.